Tolani Ajibose LM, CPM – Midwife

I love being a midwife! I first knew I wanted to become a Midwife when I witnessed my younger brother being born. I found myself in numerous pregnancy books when my mum was pregnant, fascinated and intrigued with it all.

Midwifery is just not a job for me it is a passion. Passion to assist women in one of the most important times in their life. I believe women should have a major input into the decisions made based on their care. Women who have a birth plan should be given an opportunity to expedite that plan, unless absolutely indicated to intervene.

I received my Bachelors in Midwifery in 2013 in London, UK which is where I am from. I completed my 3 year training and practiced as a registered midwife in Croydon, London for 2 years. I worked mainly in a hospital setting where I cared for both high risk and low risk women.

I moved to Houston, Texas January 2017 and worked on getting my license here in the States, mainly at West Houston Birth Center.

I am so happy to join Holly, Kim and the rest of the staff at West Houston Birth Center.