Stacie & Nate – “Bringing Penelope into this world with your midwifery guidance was so incredible…”

by West Houston Birth Center on June 24, 2012

June 7, 2012 was the most amazing day of my life.  Bringing Penelope Alice into this world in our home with your midwifery guidance was so incredible.

After a couple days of reflection I realize it was absolutely everything Nathan and I wanted.  It was perfect and Penelope is perfect.

I don’t know if I told you, but when I first got pregnant I just figured I would have our baby in a hospital and let the Doctor run the show.  I was uneducated in the entire process.  As I educated myself I realized that a hospital birth wasn’t in the cards for us.

During our first meeting with you, you won us over.  Your reception to our interview won our confidence and the care you provided for us up to and during Penelope’s birth was more than we knew to expect.

Thank you.

Thank you for your belief and confidence in the birthing process and in Penelope, Nate, and I.

We all worked so hard and it was all so worth it.  This experience is one we will cherish and reflect on as we watch Penelope grow and learn.  As you so eloquently stated “It was an amazingly beautiful experience.” ~ Stacie

You are an amazing professional and a friend…Thanks so much for a wonderful job balancing our preferences and what’s good for mom and baby and working so well with Katherine — we all made a beautiful team with a truly wonderful result! ~ Nathan