Camille & Scott – “We are so grateful that we chose a midwife we could trust completely.”

by West Houston Birth Center on January 23, 2013

Camille & John StevenHolly,

Scott and I enjoyed having you as our midwife during our pregnancy – we learned a lot and enjoyed our prenatal visits. We especially love it that you love to laugh! Each visit felt like a celebration of our anticipation and our experience.

And after John’s birth, we are so grateful that we chose a midwife we could trust completely. If you wanted us to transfer to a hospital in labor, we knew it had to be done. But you were so patient with me and tried so many things to help me give birth to John; I know anywhere else I would not have been given the time or care I needed to give birth.

I did not expect the intensity of the pain I experienced toward the end or to find pushing so difficult. And I found the lack of control terrifying! It was like I was being shoved toward a cliff. I couldn’t hear you or Scott and I couldn’t see straight. I was frightened, and I felt so alone. Right at the worst point, when I said ‘I can’t do this’ (again!!), you looked me in the eye and said, ‘You have to.’

Because I trusted you, I held my breath and jumped off the cliff. I pushed right into the worst of the pain. You were so excited that I realized that I was doing it! It was harder than I thought possible, but there was no way to stop me once you had led me through to the other side.

I know I don’t remember everything that happened at John’s birth, but I remember enough to know it was the best day of my life. I have said repeatedly that I would do it all over again tomorrow, and I mean it. I would not change a thing – I think I can get through absolutely anything now.

Thank you for helping me discover my own strength. John is so worth it – and I love my story.

Thank you,

Camille Grow and John Steven