Postpartum Care

A thorough newborn exam is done at mom’s side when the baby is approximately one to two hours old. Prior to the newborn exam, baby’s lungs, heart rate, temperature and APGARS are assessed while mom is holding her baby.

We are certified in CPR and neonatal pulmonary resuscitation and have experience in resuscitating babies if needed.

The newborn assessment includes:

  • Weight and Length – Head, chest, and stomach circumference
  • Vitals – Respirations, Heart Rate, Temperature
  • Reflexes – moro, grasp, suck, swallow, sneeze,etc.
  • Skin – color, birthmarks, vernix
  • Head and neck – fontanels, caput, molding, cephalhematoma
  • Back – normal curve, hair tuft
  • General Appearance – activity, muscle tone, cry-shrill or high-pitched
  • Eyes – placement, reactive; erythromycin ointment applied to prevent blindness (state law)
  • Ears, nose, throat – placement, tags, nasal flaring, cleft lip/palate, webbing
  • Chest/breast – retractions, congestion, heart sounds, clavicles, movement of arms
  • Abdomen – rises with chest, masses, umbilical hernia, cord treatment
  • Genitals – well developed, discharge in females, testes descended, urethral meatus position, urination
  • Anus – verify patent, meconium
  • Vitamin K injection available

Checkups are scheduled as follows:

  • 24-72 hour checkup
  • 2 week checkup
  • 6 week checkup