Holly Shearman, LM, CPM – Administrator and Clinical Director

I love being a midwife. I love being able to witness a woman giving birth. It is such a powerful and sacred event each and every time. It never gets old. Birth is such a miracle. I am dedicated to helping women and their families achieve the birth experience they desire.

I have always been interested in delivering babies but not sure which route to pursue… Learn More

Tolani Ajibose LM, CPM – Midwife

I love being a midwife! I first knew I wanted to become a Midwife when I witnessed my younger brother being born. I found myself in numerous pregnancy books when my mum was pregnant, fascinated and intrigued with it all.

Midwifery is just not a job for me it is a passion. Passion to assist women in one of the most important times in their life. I believe women should have a major input into the decisions made based on their care. Women who have a birth plan should be given an opportunity to expedite that plan, unless… Learn More

Debbie Hull, CCE – Childbirth Educator, Doula

Debbie Hull, CCE, DoulaI am a doula and childbirth educator in the Houston area where I have been learning about birth for more than 16 years. My bachelor’s degree in psychology, my minor in training and development and my work as an interpreter way back when my children were small, as well as many other of my life experiences have, I believe, prepared me to do the work I now do with pregnant women and their families.

I got involved in the local birth community after the birth of my first child and I became president of the local ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) group. As I began to work with moms planning their births, I wanted more formal training. So I certified as a childbirth educator (my certification is with BirthWorks) and designed and developed a unique curriculum for my childbirth classes. … Learn More